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Message from the President

In the year 2009, three golfer friends, Rathan Kumar, Rohith Shetty and Harish Shetty felt there was a dire need to grow the game of Golf and spread it to the uninitiated as also those who have never been members of a golf club. Touché Golf Sports was the instrument to initiate and sustain this aim.

As demand grew we moved to a 24 acre new facility in Kogilu, North Bangalore to create a holistic teaching facility encompassing every aspect of golf development with guidance from Mr. Vijay Divecha and premises magnanimously lent by Mr. B. M. Jeyshankar of the Adarsh Group.

Many who learnt the game wished for a purely golf environment where they could play the game, practice, learn as well as socialize with like minded golfers and their families. Touché Golf ‘s promoters therefore decided to form the Touché Golf club at the Kogilu premises.

The Touché Golf Club (TGC) is a membership driven club and is renewed annually for a fee. We have a nine hole facility which gives the golfer a few challenges without making it too difficult so as to encourage the new golfer to get accustomed to playing the course and preparing the member to play any golf course . All the facilities of the Touché Golf School are offered to TGC members at a discount and the members obtain discounts at the on site pro shop. A canteen which serves good food at moderate prices ,toilet and bathing facilities are other features. Catering facilities are limited but outside catering is permitted for larger events that members may wish to host. Alcoholic spirits may only be served on obtaining an excise license.

The quiet environment at the Touché Golf Club with pleasant surroundings and fresh air is a true refresher from the city’s choking atmosphere and just being there for a while is a rejuvenating experience. The gentle breeze wafts through in a gentle massage of the senses to relax you as you enjoy a good cup of South Indian coffee. I have had many lovely, enjoyable evenings there and I am sure you will too. TGC being a young club is not a social club and primarily serves the golfing community.

I invite you to be a part of our community and enjoy the facilities we offer.

Sincerely yours,

Rohith Shetty